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Terms and Conditions.
Please read these Terms and Conditions. They exist to provide clarification for us both in the unlikely event of dispute. When you hire us to write for you, we'll ask you to confirm that you've read and agree to them.

1) What these Terms and Conditions are
By hiring Great Sales Letters to write for you, you contract with Big Lessons Limited. In so doing, you acknowledge that you have been offered the opportunity to read these Terms and Conditions and agree to be bound by the version of these Terms and Conditions as displayed on at the time of contracting.

When you contract with Big Lessons Ltd for us to write for you, you acknowledge that as the basis for the contract between us, these Terms and Conditions take precedent over any other terms and conditions, express or implied.

2) Confirming our contract and starting the job
A job is confirmed and a contract established between us when a payment made by you online has been received into our account. If you are contracting with us on behalf of any group of individuals other than yourself alone, or on behalf of a company, you warrant that you are authorised to enter into a contract on behalf of that group of individuals or company.

Once you make payment for a project, the fee is deemed to have been incurred. You have no right to seek reduction or return of payment based on your critical response to, or appraisal of, the copy I write for you, nor on the grounds of any underperformance or failure of the commercial venture in connection with which the copy was commissioned.

In the event of premature commutation of the project by you for any reason, no reduction in fee will be due.

This does not affect your rights under the terms of our Guarantee (6, below) which protects you in the situation where, after a fair and proper process of collaboration, you feel that the copy we have delivered has failed to meet your requirements. Nor does it in any way affect your statutory rights.

3) Contracting with us if you work for a marketing services or web develpment agency
If you contract with us on behalf of a marketing services or web development agency of any kind, to work on a project for one of your clients, a contract will exist only between Big Lessons Limited and the marketing services agency, and not between Big Lessons Limited and any client of the marketing services agency.

You agree to indemnify Big Lessons Limited against any claim by any client of the marketing services agency for compensation or damages brought about as a direct or indirect consequence of the use of, or inability or unwillingness to use, the material which we write for you.

If you contract with us on behalf of a marketing services or web development agency of any kind, you attest that you are authorised to enter into a contract on behalf of that marketing services or web development agency.

4) Us contracting directly with one of your clients
If you represent a marketing services or web development agency of any kind, and wish us to work on a project for one of your clients, but wish us to contract directly with that client, then a contract, subject to agreement, will exist between your client company and Big Lessons Limited. You acknowledge that Big Lessons Limited is free to conduct and further develop a direct relationship with that client without reference to you, and without compenasation or commission of any kind being payable. In such a case, we affirm that we will not seek to sell to your client services, other than copywriting, which they have at any time previously purchased from you.

5) The work we do for the fee we agree
Once you have paid the fee quoted, we aim to support the copy until you are entirely happy with it, without any further fee being due.

In order to avoid the possibility of this policy being abused, the service of which you are contractually assured for the price paid is defined as and limited to: preparation of first draft; submission of first draft; integration of your feedback to allow preparation of second draft; submission of second draft.

6) our Guarantee
Our aim is to do you a great job, for the fee you have prepaid, and to send you away so happy that you come back again.

In any creative process, however, there can be misunderstandings.

If, when you see a draft, you are dissatisfied with the work that we have written for you, please discuss it with us and weI will do everything that we can to resolve your concerns.

In the end, if you have given us proper opportunity to address your concerns (defined as working in genuine collaboration with us through at least 3 additional draft submissions after you inform us in writing of your dissatisfaction), and still consider that we have failed to meet the requirements of your brief, you will be free to terminate our contract and your payment will be reimbursed to you. In such circumstance, you will forfeit all rights to make any use whatsoever of any material contained in any draft which we have prepared for you.

7) Payment terms
Great Sales Letters accepts payment only online, and in advance. We will be pleased to write for you on 'invoice and 30 day credit' terms via our sister site, but the fee charged for work purchased in this manner is somewhat greater.

8) Jurisdiction
In the settlement of any and all disputes arising out of these Terms and Conditions or arising in any other way from any contract formed between us, you acknowledge that UK Jurisdiction will prevail and agree to subject yourself to and comply with settlement ordered under UK Jurisdiction, regardless of where the contract may be deemed to have been performed.

9) Delivery dates
We try hard to ensure that deadlines and milestones are met punctually, and almost always manage this. From time to time, however, workload may cause us to need to put back delivery dates a little. Where this is necessary, we will always seek to agree it with you first. We reserve the right, however, to put back any milestone or delivery date by up to 48 hours, providing that we have given you notice of this at least 24 hours before the date originally agreed.

10) Security
If you pass data, information or materials of any kind to us as part of a project which you wish us to undertake for you, or for a company who are your client, we will be happy to sign any NDA you wish to present in good faith, but you indemnify us against any action whatsoever by you or your client, associated with the disclosure or loss of this information, accidental or otherwise.

11) Passing over of your own copy draft
As part of the brief for your project, you may ask us to view a copy draft which you have written yourself, or which has been written for you by somebody else. If you send us such draft copy, you affirm that you are the copyright holder, or that you are authorised by the copyright holder to permit all or part of this material to form a part of the new copyright work which we will create for you. In such a case you indemnify Big Lessons Limited against any claim arising from subsequent suggestion that the new work in any way breeches any existing copyright.

In any situation where you do ask us to view an existing copy draft as part of the briefing, you acknowledge that the draft which we will write for you may bear similarities in all or part to this draft, but that in such a case the draft we write for you will be considered as an original work under the terms of our contract, without regard for the existence of the original draft.

12) Referencing other people's content
If you send us research or sample copy taken from someone else’s printed collateral or site as an indication of what you want, we will make every effort to ensure that the draft that we prepare for you in no way breeches the copyright of the content owner. However, you indemnify Big Lessons Limited against any action arising, directly or indirectly, as a result of use of this content as reference material.

13) Your right to use the copy we write for you
By paying the advance fee, you secure ownership of the copyright of the material we write for you from the moment you confirm by email that the task has been satisfactorily completed. You may use the copy in the specific business or business project for which you have commissioned it only, and you may not resell the copy, in whole or in part, for use by any third party.

14) Errors and literals
We make every effort to ensure that copy is free of spelling mistakes and other literals. Early drafts may sometimes contain such errors, and our practice is to ensure that these are removed before a final draft is submitted to you. However, the responsibility for checking for spelling mistakes and literals is yours, and you indemnify Big Lessons Limited against any costs incurred as a result of the appearance of such errors in the final published form of any collateral in which you use the copy concerned, whether or not these errors appeared in any draft of the copy supplied by us.

15) Copy samples on this site
You acknowledge that all sample copy displayed on this site is copyright the commissioning company, and is for your information only. You may not copy or adapt any item, in whole or part, for any use whatsoever, save to use in a presentation whose purpose is to demonstrate to a client or colleague the nature of our work, with a view to gaining approval to commission us.

16) Our use of specific copywriters
When you contract with us to write copy for you, you acknowledge that we may, from time to time, engage the services of other competent professional copywriters to help deliver all or part of the work which you require. In such a case, we undertake to review and amend the work before it is presented to you, and to ensure that the work is of the quality and professionalism you would expect had we written it in its entirety ourselves.


I confirm that I am commissioning Great Sales Letters/Big Lessons Limited to complete the project we have discussed on the terms agreed in our correspondence, and that I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions displayed at <>. Today's date is